> Deep dive into the new Empact

Deep dive into the new Empact

A recollection of what has happened since we rebranded from BridgeIT to Empact.

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Looking back on the first half of the year, 2021 has supposed a meaningful change for the company. We rebranded from BridgeIT to Empact back in April, and since then, the company has been growing rapidly. Today, Empact is the culmination of 12 years of app development experience with some of the largest companies in the world. We have worked with market-leading clients in logistics, retail, mental health services and B2B, building up a strong portfolio of best practices and iterating from app to app.

Looking forward, the digital workplace is on a journey, and our platform is already a proven benefit to our clients, who see and feel the benefits of a more informed, united, and engaged workforce. Our solution’s results are seen in the employees’ efficiency and productivity, and our average customer gets one million euro in return per year in efficiency gain per 1000 employees.




Welcoming Microsoft HoloLens 2, visit from DI, Empact at the Danish Defence Industry Day 2021, rebranding of the Romanian office, new hires & clients.

At Empact, we are embracing Microsoft’s immersive technology and are currently creating design prototypes for clients who have embarked on their Mixed Reality journey by optimising existing processes using AI.

We had the pleasure of having the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association (DI Forsvar og Sikkerhed) visit us for an interview about our rebranding and Empact’s focus areas and growing position in the Defence industry.

“Empact acts as your trusted solutions partner; we convert access and information to the employees receiving end, and our stepwise approach is tailored, tried, and tested to guarantee success. We are addressing one of the biggest problems in organisations: digital transformation.”


At the FMI Day, we presented our software solution for mobile, tablet, and desktop, that ensures that resources are used effectively in a company. Together with VRpilot, we displayed the future of service maintenance through virtual reality.

Currently, we are on a fantastic journey, and we took the chance to visit our development office in Craiova, Romania, where we redecorated and rebranded the office with our Empact logo and got new employee images for our website. We have welcomed more than a handful of new hires within the past six months. Our client portfolio is expanding, and we have included two new large Danish enterprises, whom we are currently working with developing and customising their Empact employee engagement platform.

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