> Closing the digital divide: a thoughtful diary by Empact – 2nd issue

Closing the digital divide: a thoughtful diary by Empact – 2nd issue

Our second installment is the right gateway to knowing if your company has an employee engagement problem, what and where is the value in employee engagement, and the actions you must take to benefit from it.

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Your means to unlocking the real value of employee engagement

To foresee employee engagement issues, you need to internally assess whether your organization facilitates access to business-critical information, makes communication convenient for the sender and receiver, or among other things, if HQ applies a mobile-first mindset for the entire organization.

Employee engagement is not just about increased productivity among your deskless workforce. Though it plays a part, it derives from something else. Your employees work best when they feel affiliated with your company. So, having them feel as part of your company's success, valued, and recognized are merely some of the actions that will make way for higher productivity in your organization.


Closing the Digital Divide - 2nd Issue


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