Closing the digital divide: a thoughtful diary by Empact – 3rd issue

Our third release shines a light on the right approach to using an employee engagement app, the measures you must take to succeed with it, and the importance of having a clear objective when it comes to using an employee app to communicate with your employees.

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A clear objective on how you want to communicate with your employees and the measures you must take plays a key role in your employee engagement success.

Being specific about how you wish to use an employee engagement app for your organization doesn't come down to just your needs and wants, but also to the infrastructure you have in place. When scoping out your necessities, you must consider that the integration of your newly acquired employee app to your existing software suite plays a key role in how it caters to the needs of each of your departments.

Employee engagement is not just about increased productivity among your deskless workforce. Though it plays a part, it entails much more. The answer to prospering is quite simple, ask questions, feedback, ask for ideas to improve, give your employees the possibility to comment, react, and so on.


Closing the digital divide - Christmas Issue


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