Closing the digital divide: a thoughtful diary by Empact – 4th issue

Our fourth edition delves into the plans you need to put in place to keep your workforce engaged, how to avoid failures when implementing an employee engagement app, and the convenience of bringing your business-critical activities together on a single platform.

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The key to making your business-critical activities more convenient for your employees.

Prioritizing and supporting employee engagement is a key action that will lead to getting the best out of your employees. To get there, you must first have a solid plan when you implement an employee app as it will not only increase the convenience for HQ, but also benefit your deskless workers who are the ones that need to be engaged with the solution you are acquiring.

The key to not having disconnected employees costing your business tons of money in the long run due to lack of engagement is by providing an end-to-end solution that accommodates both HQ and deskless workers so that the two parts of your value chain benefit from the implementation.


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