A Closer look at Coop’s onboarding function: how it works

The Empact onboarding module ensures efficient onboarding by focusing on three key elements: Automation, Targeting and Governance.


Jacob Gliemann Larsen - CTO & COO


Coop, one of Denmark’s leading consumer goods retailers, onboards thousands of employees each year. Since Coop joined the Empact family, we have implemented 18 new features together with Coop. Through the app, Coop has strengthened its organization and core activities with in-app functions such as product recalls, digitized communication flows, and now the extended onboarding module.

Considering how time consuming it is for Coop’s HR department to onboard new employees, they requested Empact to focus notably on an existing feature, the onboarding module, which has been extended in the newest version of Coop’s employee app, Os i Coop. The module was extended with a focus on automation, targeting, and governance.


Drivers for using onboarding

In a recent discussion with our CTO, Jacob Gliemann Larsen, we particularly tackled this topic to provide an insight into how Empact adapts modules to a company’s needs. The onboarding module now offers a variety of new options and elements when building an onboarding flow. Each flow is targeted with a range of onboarding specific user attributes to ensure that the right information reaches the right individuals at the right time.

“We are drivers for using onboarding in a wider sense. The platform not just guides new employees into a great start in the company but is also suitable when new systems or procedures are introduced. In this way the onboarding module supports the existing LMS setup regardless of whether it is a retail or a service maintenance company ”


For Coop the onboarding module enables HQ users to structure individual onboarding flows and distribute these to targeted groups in the company. An onboarding task will automatically appear in the users dashboard on the relevant day and will stay there until completed. Each task will then consist of several sub-tasks that are ticked of individually. Throughout the onboarding process the progress can be tracked via the web admin.


Internal look at Empact's onboarding module


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