6 ways employee engagement apps can improve employee safety in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturers must look into acquiring the right employee engagement app that can guarantee a safe work environment for their plant workers, and can be used to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Jeremiah Itoya
Jeremiah Itoya

Working in the manufacturing industry is a high-risk profession. Manufacturing employees often work with heavy machinery, parts, and harmful chemicals. The labor these employees complete is physically demanding and it requires a high level of attention. Their safety is what matters the most, and it should be a high priority for executives and managers to set a safety culture for their organization, establish policies and procedures, and ensure that their plant workers are trained and equipped to perform their jobs safely.

But how can executives and managers guarantee a safe work environment for their plant workers? The answer is simple, with employee engagement apps. 

Employee engagement apps are strategically designed platforms for your plant workers to communicate, get easy access to operating procedures, receive training, and report safety concerns.

Here are the ways employee engagement apps can be used to improve employee safety. 


  1. Communication

    Employee engagement apps can help plant workers, management, and safety teams to share best practices, raise concerns, and collaborate on solving problems.

  2. Access to information

    The apps can provide easy access to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that all employees are following the same guidelines and are aware of the most up-to-date procedures — which reduces the risk of errors and deviations from established protocols.

  3. Safety training

    With employee engagement apps you can deliver interactive onboarding and training modules, quizzes, and assessments to educate your plant workers on safety protocols, procedures, and guidelines. This can help ensure that all your plant workers are trained and understand your safety practices.

  4. Incident reporting

    The apps offer a simple and convenient way for your employees to report safety incidents, hazards, and near-misses. This can help managers quickly identify and address safety issues so they can make the necessary improvements.

  5. Real-time feedback

    You can provide your plant workers with real-time feedback on their safety performance and help identify areas for improvements — thereby helping them stay accountable and engaged in maintaining a safe work environment.

  6. Employee recognition

    You can use employee engagement apps to acknowledge and reward your employees for their contributions to safety — which helps create positive reinforcement for safe behavior.


By using an employee engagement app to provide these features for your employees, you can play a crucial role in promoting a safety culture in your organization and help reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. 

Several employee engagement apps come with complicated tools that fail at improving employee safety, but the easiest and most intuitive SaaS platform on the market is the Empact platform, which not only works in comfortable integration with third-party solutions like SAP, Microsoft, etc., but also gives your plant workers a tool to operate more efficiently and effectively, and consequently increasing productivity and success.

If you wish to learn more about our efforts in strategically designing an employee engagement app that adapts perfectly to the manufacturing industry, feel free to contact us. We will happily assist you in creating a business case and provide you with a solution that fits your organization.


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