5 drivers to increase employee engagement in the manufacturing sector

To obtain the benefits of using an employee engagement app in the manufacturing industry, enterprises must consider these drivers as the means to support and increase employee engagement in their organizations.

Jeremiah Itoya
Jeremiah Itoya

Focusing on increasing employee engagement in a deskless industry like manufacturing can bring significant benefits to your company. Some of these benefits are increased productivity, reduced turnover, and improved safety.

But the question is, what drives employee engagement in the manufacturing sector? There is extensive research on this topic, but here are some of the main drivers we consider relevant to you.


  1. Clear communication and expectations

    Employees need to understand their roles, what is expected from them, and the company's goals and vision.

  2. Recognition and rewards

    These factors are often neglected, but they are an effective way to engage employees, particularly in deskless companies where employees may not have the same opportunities for professional development as those in office-based roles.

  3. Training and tools

    Deskless workers need the skills, knowledge, and easy access to features and functions in (often complex) third-party applications to perform their jobs effectively.

  4. Safety and well-being

    Deskless employees work in environments that can be physically demanding and sometimes dangerous. It is important to ensure that plant workers have safe working conditions and that their well-being is a top priority.

  5. Flexibility

    Deskless employees often work unsociable hours, so providing flexibility in terms of scheduling, breaks, and other working conditions is a great driver for increased engagement.

There might be other, perhaps more relevant, drivers in your company, but it is a good initiative to consider acquiring an employee engagement app that can help you support your attempt to increase employee engagement in your organization.

Everyone uses a mobile phone nowadays, so if you acquire an employee engagement app like Empact, it will make it easy for your staff to receive corporate news, communicate with each other and their managers, find resources like digitalized manuals and safety instructions, receive online training, give feedback via surveys, get an overview of their tasks, and access third-party systems for user-friendly shift scheduling. 

If you wish to learn more about our efforts in strategically designing an employee engagement app that can digitalize your journey toward achieving increased employee engagement, feel free to reach out to us. We will happily assist you in creating a business case and provide a solution that fits your organization.


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