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4 Ways to Accelerate Defense Development with Digitalization

This article delves into the transformative potential of digitalization within Aerospace and Defense. It explores the ways in which digitalization is reshaping the defense landscape, facilitating expedited development, and addressing the pressing needs of the industry. 

Sofia Von Platen
Sofia Von Platen
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In the realm of defense, a sector characterized by complex systems and evolving challenges, the imperative for rapid development has taken center stage. The traditional paradigms of aerospace and defense industry have often grappled with elongated development cycles, resource-intensive processes, and operational complexities. Here are four ways you can facilitate faster development cycles, improve efficiency, and drive strategic growth through digitalisation. 



The Role of Digital Twin Technology in Training Augmentation 

Digital twin technology, which involves the creation of virtual replicas of physical systems, has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the training arena. Boston Consulting Group writes in their article “A Need for Speed in Aerospace and Defense, that the defense sector can benefit from the implementation of digital twin technology for training enhancement. Defense personnel can immerse themselves in simulated environments, thus gaining hands-on familiarity with intricate machinery and honing their skills. The digital twin framework mitigates the risks associated with training while fostering a culture of continuous learning. By aligning with this approach, the defense industry can bridge knowledge gaps, optimize skill acquisition, and bolster operational efficacy. 



Forging an Unbroken Digital Thread: Planning, Manufacturing, Maintenance 

The concept of the "digital thread," topping the many industry trend lists of 2023, underpins the seamless integration of critical information across the defense development spectrum. Inspired by this notion, the defense sector can reimagine its processes, embedding digitalization at every stage. From initial planning through inventory management, manufacturing, and eventual maintenance, the digital thread ensures the uninterrupted flow of information. This interconnectedness streamlines collaboration, minimizes communication disparities, and fosters precision. By cultivating a comprehensive digital thread, the defense industry can expedite development cycles, streamline operations, and fortify project execution. 


Empowering Field Personnel through Mobile Solutions 

The prompt dissemination of essential information assumes paramount significance in the defense landscape. Addressing this need, mobile solutions have emerged as catalysts for enhanced field operations. The BCG article's emphasis on instant access to critical business and customer information aligns with the benefits of mobile solutions in the defense context. By leveraging mobile platforms, defense personnel are equipped with real-time access to vital data, expediting decision-making and operational responsiveness. This confluence of digitalization and mobility engenders a more agile, informed, and effective workforce. 


Facilitating Secure Interactions 

The defense sector, encompassing a diverse array of stakeholders, requires secure conduits for interactions. The defense industry can leverage digitalization to establish a secure ecosystem that facilitates interaction between operators, OEMs, and suppliers. Such an ecosystem not only streamlines communication but also upholds data integrity, aligning with the article's emphasis on information security. The integration of internal IT systems, as discussed by BCG, assumes heightened importance in this context, fostering seamless, secure interactions.



Digitalization presents an opportunity to propel the defense industry towards expedited development, heightened efficiency, and proactive responsiveness. From training augmentation through digital twin technology to the establishment of a resilient digital thread encompassing planning, manufacturing, and maintenance, the defense sector can carve a trajectory of accelerated progress. The marriage of mobile solutions with operational needs and the facilitation of secure interactions heralds a new era of defense development. By embracing the digital tide, the defense sector aligns itself with the imperatives of the future. 


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